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NanoSculpt™ 3D Solution Suite

Photronics is collaborating with leaders across industries to take advantage of the power of 3D sculpted technology. There is almost no image area too large for Photronics to handle. We take pride in making seemingly impossible applications possible.

Photronics's NanoSculpt™ 3D Solution Suite provides our customers with advanced nano/microstructure technologies and techniques. NanoSculpt allows you to add more dimension and surface textures to precision imaging and easily create textured molds. Prototype your design with direct imaging for 3D nano/microstructure generation, quickly transforming ideas into reality. Some of the unique NanoSculpt capabilities include large areas up to 800mm and 100 micron depths.

Photronics has created many Micro/Nano structures for customers including:

  • Structured surfaces
  • Structured shims
  • Imprinting shims
  • Structured molds
  • Imprinting molds
  • Structured stamps
  • Structured surfaces
  • Nickle stamps
  • Silicon stamps
  • PDMS stamps
  • Polymer stamps
  • Nano imprint templates
  • Anti-reflective micro surface textures

Microscopes will catch more detail, lighting will reflect more effectively, semiconductor photoresist definition will be more controlled, and replicating patterns will be more efficient. These are just a few ways our 3D/sculptured imaging technology is making an impact for prototyping and high volume production.

Download the NanoSculpt 3D Solution Suite datasheet here >>

Contact us to develop your prototype or high-quality production-ready 3D/sculpted microstructure.

NanoSculpt 3D Capabilities

Features Micro-structures Nano-structures
Minimum Structure 1µm 200nm
Structure Height To 100µm To 500nm
Surface Roughness <50nm <5nm
Deviation from Nominal Shape 250nm or better 25nm or better
Patterned Areas To 800mm To 700mm
Structures Polymers of specific characteristics or in nickel 100 – 300µm
Substrates Flat — imaged cylinder — and other 3D shapes
3D Products Stamps & Molds — Shims — Masters — Sleeves — Rolls

Custom capabilities are available on engineering projects. Tolerances can vary by structure, shape and design.

Needles and Cones Needles and Cones Random Diffuser Moth's Eye Structure Zig Zag Pattern Parallel Lines - 90 Degree Corner Aspherical Lens Array Spherical Lens Array 100% Fill Graduated Concave Cones Lenticular Lens Rotated Lens Micro Mirror Imbedded Microtext Square Posts 40 Micron Posts Steep Sidewalls 150x Prism