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Advanced Binary Reticles

Advanced binary masks with OPC, including hammerheads, serifs, and sub-resolution assist features 

As the semiconductor industry pushes into extremely low k1 processing, and due to the drastic effects of high MEEF lithography, the feature sizes, resolution and CD control required for aggressive optical proximity correction (OPC) have shrunk below 100nm at mask. Advanced binary masks are available from Photronics high end sites, to support production from 130nm to 65nm technology nodes, and for the quickly ramping 45nm node.

E-beam lithography tools, and chemically amplified resist (CAR), are used for resolving very small main and OPC features on the mask. Advanced laser lithography tools are aimed at providing a lower cost solution where ultimate resolution is less critical. Dry etch ensures pattern fidelity, by minimizing CD loss, as the resist pattern is transferred to the chrome absorber layer.