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Data Services

MaskLink™: On-line mask order status
Photronics has developed an innovative password protected extranet which enables customers to check their mask product status online via MaskLink™. This system gives customers instant access to important production data, and can provide automatic status reports. 

CyberMask™: On-line Ordering and Data Processing automation

CyberMask simplifies and accelerates interaction between Photronics and our customers by automating the transmission, receipt and preparation of customer data for manufacturing, while processing increasingly complex mask requirements.

CyberMask  leverages  Semi P10 data specifications - industry-standard data structures that permit cross-enterprise exchange of technical specifications for photomask manufacturing. As a P10-certified vendor, data can be transmitted to Photronics in this universal format, as well as any other electronic formats, for integration into the Company's manufacturing tracking systems.  In addition, CyberMask also offers a web portal capable of soliciting orders via the internet.  

Front-end functions automated by CyberMask include order entry, data fracture, jobdecking, measure file generation and production control flagging, as well as other front end functions. CyberMask helps reduce the time taken by these processes by more than 75%, while simultaneously reducing the risk of human error.  Immediate customer benefits include: improved cycle time, greater consistency and quality of data delivered to manufacturing, standardization of front-end job preparation, and establishment of a single point of entry when placing orders with Photronics; enabling Photronics to consistently deliver both the quality and turnaround times requested.

To learn more about this product or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Photronics' Sales.