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Large Area Masks for Flat Panel Displays

Photronics operates 2 manufacturing facilities in Asia dedicated to production of Large Area Masks, up to Generation 8 size (2200 x 2500mm), using specialized leading-edge laser patterning equipment.

Local manufacturing enables Photronics to meet the logistical challenges of these unique and large photomasks while satisfying or exceeding our customers' cycle time and volume production requirements.

As ever larger panel sizes with smaller features are developed, Photronics maintains a commitment to specialized research and development efforts to ensure that we stay on track with the FPD industry requirements.

Currently, the largest mask size is 1220 mm x 1400 mm for Generation 8 size (2200 x 2500mm). Our domestic customers have a 4 mask process for manufacturing TFT(Thin Film Transistor) of generation 8. Especially, Source Drain layer has required the mask with the highest quality & the leading edge technology. The mask technology for Source Drain layer has Dual Slit mask, Single Slit mask and Half Tone Mask. (See the pictures below)

S/D Dual Slit Mask

S/D Half Tone Mask

S/D Single Slit Mask