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Micro Optics

Photronics can produce a wide range of micro-optic products, including micro-lenses, micro-mirrors, gratings and light diffusers. The optics can be refractive or diffractive. We can produce aspherical and spherical structures.

Photronics can build any type of formula-based structure or shape. We can produce any shape described by a table, formula, or cross-section such as:

  • Micro/Nano lens array
  • Micro/Nano lens array stamp
  • Micro/Nano lens array master
  • Custom diffusers
  • Aspheric lens array
  • Micro mirrors

Micro Lens Arrays -- Regular and Random Patterns

Both spherical and aspherical lenses of a specified shape and array configuration can be created up to 100% fill.



We specialize in random diffusers.



From security features and telecommunication, to retail packaging and home entertainment, reflective micro-optics are very well known in commercial products. IGI can help you with your next micromirror or reflective micro-optic project.



Our different 3D production technologies make gratings of almost any kind possible.