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NanoSculpt 3D

3D & Sculpted Patterning

Many new products require innovative 3D patterning to create unique surface properties and textures. The Photronics NanoSculpt™ Solution Suite allows you to add a wide range of micro-optic and nano-textures for diverse pattern characteristics, created using a variety of techniques, technologies, and materials. Photronics will prototype your design with direct imaging, quickly transforming ideas into reality, then provide shims, molds, or stamps for volume manufacturing

NanoSculpt Technology

  • Laser, E-Beam, DUV, & Other Litho Processes
  • Thermal & Imprint Technologies
  • Unique Material Applications & Combinations
  • Coatings & Oxides
  • SEM, Confocal, & Other Measurement Tools

Industries that use NanoSculpt

  • MEMS
  • Life Sciences
  • Security
  • Semiconductor
  • Optics
  • Aerospace
  • Roll-to-Roll Materials
  • Biotechnology
Random Diffuser 40 Micron Posts Lenticular Lens Rotated Lens

NanoSculpt Applications

  • Surface Textures - anti-reflective, self cleaning, self sticking, and other textures both functional and decorative.
  • Micro-Optics - spherical and aspherical micro lenses, micro mirrors, light diffusers, and 100% fill factor.
  • Gratings - unique configurations can be achieved.
  • Biomimicry - imitate nature to create complex microfluidic and biological surface treatments.
  • Microtext - embed text in structures for tracking and security.
Aspherical Lens Array Spherical Lens Array 100% Fill Imbedded Microtext Moth's Eye Structure Moth's Eye Structure

NanoSculpt Specifications

Photronics collaborates with our customers across many industries to take advantage of the power of NanoSculpt™ technology. Your project may utilize lenses, prisms, mirrors, posts, peaks, or other structures. We can share reference designs that made seemingly impossible applications possible. Photronics supplies shims, molds, inserts, and stamps, which are used for casting, embossing, injection molding, imprinting, and other applications. The NanoSculpt Solution Suite capabilities will vary dependent upon the structure of the 3D pattern, resolution required, and materials used. The first step to effectively use NanoSculpt Solutions is to conduct a project consultation with the Photronics Team.

NanoSculpt 3D Capabilities

Features Micro-structures Nano-structures
Minimum Structure 1µm 200nm
Structure Height To 100µm To 500nm
Surface Roughness <50nm <5nm
Deviation from Nominal Shape 250nm or better 25nm or better
Patterned Areas To 800mm To 700mm
Structures Polymers of specific characteristics or in nickel 100 – 300µm
Substrates Flat — imaged cylinder — and other 3D shapes
3D Products Stamps & Molds — Shims — Masters — Sleeves — Rolls

NanoSculpt Consulting

Photronics works closely with our customers around the world to supplement their engineering skill sets to accelerate project schedules and reduce risk. Utilize our expertise in various project phases: ideation, product design, manufacturing of prototypes, and high volume reproduction.