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Leading-edge e-beam patterning and inspection tools, new resists and materials, and advanced development and dry etch processes, ensure that our customers can receive the CD uniformity, overlay, and defect control, that advanced masks demand.

Photronics maintains a commitment to research and development efforts to ensure that we stay at the forefront of photomask technology. Through significant R&D investments, strategic partnerships and projects with select customers and universities, Photronics maintains the technological expertise to satisfy critical customer demands today and into the future.

High Transmission EAPSM 

Increased EAPSM transmission improves resolution and depth of focus, extending the life of wafer exposure tools to more advanced tech nodes. Photronics offers tuned high transmission EAPSM from the only maskshop in the world shipping production masks of this type, fabricated using standard mask blanks. 

Alternating Aperture Phase Shift Masks (AAPSM)

Etching the pattern directly into silica provides 180 degree phase shift at 100% transmission, with the highest theoretical k1 improvement, but at the cost of increased process complexity. Whether a customer needs a single trench, tri-tone, three-phased terrace design, or even chromeless phase lithography (CPL), Photronics can deliver the lithographic results desired.

Grayscale Masks, Optical Gratings

Photronics manufactures special purpose masks in fields such as photonics, thin film heads, gray scale imaging, and optical gratings. 
EUV masks

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) capability is in the early stages of becoming reality - a capability that stands to carry the industry below the 22nm barrier. Photronics participates in next generation lithography (NGL) technology development, and is on the cusp of realizing the fruits of that endeavor. When the use of EUV photomasks become mainstream, Photronics will already have the technological infrastructure in place to meet aggressive industry ramp schedules.