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Technologists choose from Photronics' reticles and photomasks for their micro-imaging platforms. From mature 1:1 and 5X technologies to advanced, demanding sub-wavelength and next generation lithographic applications, Photronics provides a myriad of product solutions from our global manufacturing network. Our total commitment to delivering technology, quality and service is recognized and appreciated by over 600 customers in more than 25 countries.

Photronics' reticle and photomask products fall into three major categories; standard products, advanced products, and large area masks. Our standard products are available within all of the regions we service around the world. Advanced products are manufactured at high-end sites, and include advanced binary masks with OPC; phase shift masks; and special purpose masks such as optical gratings. Large area masks for Flat Panel Displays are manufactured at dedicated sites in Korea and Taiwan, close to the major FPD manufacturing plants.

Photronics offers reticle and photomask maintenance, including pellicle replacement, mask cleaning and re-certification, at all its sites worldwide.