As photomask manufacturers are increasingly depended upon for technology solutions in the semiconductor supply chain, Photronics has risen to the challenge by making unprecedented progress in its evolution to becoming the leading global supplier of reticles and photomasks.

What makes Photronics your best choice for reticle and photomask solutions?

  • Photronics partners with customers to consistently supply reticle and mask solutions that maximize customer manufacturing processes and device success.
  • Experienced R&D team operating at the forefront of mask technology.
  • The largest and most tightly integrated network of mask manufacturing facilites in the world!
  • Focused, dedicated and experienced customer service and engineering personnel ensure positive customer relationships.

Quality is a critical component in the manufacture of photomasks and an essential guiding principle throughout the entire Photronics organization. By using the latest inspection and repair equipment available, Photronics is able to consistently deliver quality products to all of its worldwide customers. Photronics' ISO certified facilities and stringent internal quality systems and procedures ensure customers the best photomask and reticle products available.

Photronics actively supports the ISO 14001 environmental management system. The ISO 14001 system is a valuable environmental management system and is especially helpful to companies with global manufacturing networks, as it strengthens environmental control through standardization between sites. Environmental commitment and responsibility are very important at Photronics, and each employee is empowered to do their part to reduce waste in compliance with all internal and external environmental regulations

ISO 18001

 Data Security
ISO 27001