Flat Panel Displays (FPD)

FPD Market

When display technology began to move from cathode-ray tubes to flat panel displays, manufacturing processes that had been developed for semiconductors began to be deployed in display production. As a leader in IC photomasks, Photronics was prepared for this transition. In the early part of this century, we acquired our Korean organization, which had already established itself as a technology leader in the space. Over the last two decades, we have been able to maintain and even extend our technology leadership while also growing to become one of the largest providers of FPD photomasks.

Our Products

Whether you are designing displays for mobile devices or ultra-large-screen televisions, our masks enable you to produce the best displays, with high quality and world-class yields. As innovation leads to higher resolution, diverse form factors and new applications, you can trust us to be able to meet your needs and help you navigate along your technology roadmap.



As ever-larger panel sizes with smaller features are developed, we maintain a commitment to specialized development efforts to ensure that we stay on track with the FPD industry requirements.

Our experience ranges from mobile displays with high-resolution and various form factors, including foldable displays, to ultra-large-screen TVs that bring bright colors and high contrasts to your consumer entertainment experience, and everything in between. Displays are becoming more ubiquitous, with an ever-increasing number of functions and applications. With experience supplying photomasks to the world’s leading display producers, we are the ideal partner to help you advance your visual technologies.

Operating three locations in Korea, Taiwan and China; using leading-edge laser patterning equipment; and continuing to invest in R&D, we are working to maintain your trust in us as a leader in FPD photomasks.

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