Our Technology

At Photronics, we understand that it takes close collaboration and knowledge of our customers’ technologies to provide quality photomasks.

Our commitment to R&D efforts ensures that we stay at the forefront of photomask technology. Our leading-edge e-beam patterning and inspection tools, new resists and materials, and advanced development and dry-etch processes ensure that you get critical dimension (CD) uniformity, overlay, and defect control that advanced masks demand.

Through significant R&D investments, strategic partnerships and projects with select customers and universities, we maintain the technological expertise to satisfy your demands today and into the future.

Let’s work together to see how we can best use our advanced technologies to help you meet your goals.

High-Transmission Embedded Attenuated Phase-Shift Masks (EAPSMs)

We are a leading global source for production-level tuned, high-transmission EAPSMs, which improve resolution and depth of focus, extending the life of wafer exposure tools to more advanced tech nodes.

Alternating Aperture Phase-Shift Masks (AAPSMs)

Whether you need a single trench, tri-tone, three-phased terrace design or even chromeless phase lithography (CPL), our AAPSMs allow you to etch a pattern directly into silica with 180o phase shift at 100% transmission, achieving the highest theoretical k-1 improvement.

Grayscale Masks, Optical Gratings

We offer special-purpose masks in fields such as photonics, thin film heads, grayscale imaging and optical gratings.

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