Integrated Circuits (IC)

IC Market

Since its invention in the middle of the 20th century, the semiconductor has enabled product innovation and economic development as ever-shrinking transistors moved from the lab into common devices we all use every day. During that history, photomasks have been used to manufacture nearly every semiconductor that has ever been made. These essential components are the bridge from product design to manufacturing, carrying the design data into the cleanroom for efficient, high-volume manufacturing of circuits.

Today, the market for IC photomasks alone is approaching $4 billion annually. Within this market, Photronics has established itself as a leader in the merchant portion of the market, widely recognized as a trusted source of masks, offering a global footprint for local manufacturing, outstanding customer service and leading technology. No matter what your photomasks needs, we’re ready to help you advance in your business and product development.

Our Products

Whether you are designing semiconductors for the next generation of consumer electronics, for innovative medical devices that lead to healthier lifestyles, or for time-tested products that are being updated to enhance performance or power efficiency, we are capable of exceeding your expectations. Like you, our customers are leaders in their fields and know the importance of selecting partners that can be trusted.

Our offerings range from 1X to 5X, from mature to leading-edge nodes, phase-shift, or special-purpose masks for advanced integrated circuit technology nodes and advanced packaging. We offer an array of special services to support these products for our manufacturing and R&D customers.

Leading-Edge Products, Locally Sourced

We strategically manufacture our advanced photomasks at high-end sites around the world, enabling us to provide locally sourced leading-edge products. Advanced products include binary masks with optical proximity correction (OPC), phase-shift masks and special-purpose masks, such as optical gratings.

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Large Area Masks

We manufacture 6-, 9- and 14-inch masks on a variety of substrates to serve advanced packaging customers who require 1-micron features with sub-micron tolerances and registration. Our 9-inch to 24-by-30-inch masks are used for a variety of customer manufacturing and R&D needs, including calibration and equipment components.

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