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Maintaining Excellence

Prolonged use in the wafer fab environment takes its toll on even the highest-quality photomasks and reticles. As true collaborative partners, we stand behind our products with full-service support at all of our local manufacturing sites. This ensures rapid servicing and fast turnaround times to minimize interruption in wafer production.

We offer several maintenance programs and ancillary services to keep reticles and photomasks of all sizes at their optimum performance, including:

  • Pellicle Replacement and Mask Cleaning Services
  • Mask Recertification Services
  • Online Data Services

Pellicle Replacement and Mask Cleaning Services

Our pellicle replacement and mask cleaning programs are designed to restore used pellicles to top operational form. Our process includes:

  • Removal of old/damaged pellicle
  • Cleaning of mask surface
  • Re-inspection to verify the pattern is undamaged and to ensure mask cleanliness
  • Repair of most damage
  • Remounting the pellicle
  • Recertification of phase and transmission values for phase-shift masks

Mask Recertification Services

For masks that have been stored for long periods or are in poor condition, we offer our recertification process. This involves:

  • Inspecting the mask for defects
  • Recertification for use in the fab
  • Cleaning, repair, and/or re-pellicle performed when required

Special Anti-Stick Coatings

We offer two distinct anti-stick coatings to extend the longevity of your photomasks, formulated to reduce manufacturing-induced defects and the need for cleanings.

Download additional information:

PACTX301 CoatingX301 Cleaning Recommendations

Online Data Services

MaskLink™: Online mask order status

At Photronics, we’ve developed an innovative, password-protected extranet where you can check your mask product status online via MaskLink™. You’ll have instant access to important production data and can generate automatic status reports.

CyberMask™: Online ordering and data-processing automation

CyberMask simplifies and accelerates our interactions with you by automating the transmission, receipt and preparation of your data for manufacturing while processing increasingly complex mask requirements.

CyberMask leverages SEMI P10 data specifications, industry-standard data structures that permit cross-enterprise exchange of technical specifications for photomask manufacturing.

As a P10-certified vendor, data can be transmitted to us in any electronic format and integrated into our manufacturing tracking systems. CyberMask also offers a web portal capable of soliciting online orders.

Front-end functions automated by CyberMask include:

  • Order entry
  • Data fracture
  • Job decking
  • Measure file generation
  • Production control flagging
  • And more …

CyberMask helps reduce process time by more than 75% while simultaneously reducing the risk of human error. It also helps us consistently deliver the quality and turnaround you requested.

  • Improved cycle time
  • Greater consistency and quality of data delivered to manufacturing
  • Standardization of front-end job preparation
  • A single point of entry when placing orders

To learn more about this product or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Photronics’ Sales.


At Photronics, we understand the unique needs of students, educators and researchers in the university sector. Today, more than at any other time in history, universities are pioneering new ideas that are changing our world. Photronics is your partner in photomask technology. Whether you are just getting started in your program, already developing groundbreaking products, or are somewhere in between, Photronics is here to support you.

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