Our Technology

At Photronics, we understand that it takes close collaboration and knowledge of our customers’ technologies to provide quality photomasks.

Our commitment to research and development (R&D) efforts ensures that we stay at the forefront of photomask technology. Our leading-edge patterning and inspection tools ensure that you get the critical dimension (CD) uniformity, overlay and defect control that advanced masks demand.

Through significant R&D investments, strategic partnerships and projects with select customers, we maintain the technological expertise to satisfy your demands today and into the future.

Let’s work together to see how we can best use our advanced technologies to help you meet your goals.

Broad Portfolio of FPD Technologies

We offer mask sizes up to Generation 10.5+, using specialized leading-edge laser patterning equipment. Our support includes:

  • Four-mask process for thin-film manufacturing
  • Solutions for source/drain layers, including:
    • Dual-slit masks
    • Single-slit masks
    • Half-tone masks
    • Double-layer mask (combining phase-shift and half-tone)