Our Products

As pioneers in photomask technology, we are proud to offer best-in-class reticle and photomask products to suit the full suite of micro-imaging platforms. Our offerings range from standard, off-the-shelf products for mature 1:1 and 5X technologies, to leading-edge, phase-shift or special-purpose masks for advanced technology nodes, to large area masks for flat-panel display manufacturing.

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Our legacy, production-proven binary photomasks and reticles are available worldwide and can be serviced on site from any of our 11 locations.

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We strategically manufacture our advanced photomask lines at high-end sites around the world, so they are right where you need them. Advanced products include binary masks with OPC; phase shift masks; and special purpose masks such as optical gratings.

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Our large-area masks are designed specifically for flat panel displays. We manufacture these products at dedicated sites in Korea and Taiwan, close to the major FPD manufacturing plants.

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